The Ultima Classic Purifier + Dispenser


The pure and secure is a uniquely designed, patented unit made of stainless steel and special food grade FDA- approved polycarbonate. It is engineered to process the incoming water and convert it to a high-quality drinking water. This water is transferred into the dispenser tank where it is heated or chilled, depending on the customer desires. Purified water is available at the touch of a finger.

  • Produce 32-50-70-100 liters per day
  • The purified water 99.9% pure
  • Stainless steel constructed
  • Life time live is 30 years
  • Polycarbonate constructed dispenser
  • Build in purifier inside the dispenser
  • Inexpensive and large capacity
  • No more, need to stack 20 L bottles
  • Easy installation, easy maintenance
  • Produce Hot – Cold – Neutral drinking water
  • American technology- Made in USA.
  • No more lifting 5 gallons water bottles
  • Secured and fresh produce water daily




This ultimate classic purifier is made to and it produces the highest quality of purified water at 99.9% pure.  In addition, it works as simple way process. First we should have a pretreatment of the water intake from the municipality water, the water is recommended to be soft water.




The water enters the purifier - boiling chamber, where the process starts with the three major steps known to the nature hydrological cycle, and the same copied with the purifying operation. (Evaporation then condensation then precipitation) to get out the product purified water the purist. Like the Mother Nature when we get the rain.


Classic Filter housing 10 inch- 20 inch   Sizes




The filter housing with a pretreatment sediment filter is necessary to buy and install in every house, villa, palace, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, clinics, industries at all its manufacturing. In addition, much more to name. In fact, it is necessary in everywhere we live work or shop, eat, or drink.

What does it do?

It eliminates the dust, sand, metals and some other substances that effect most water units. From the feed water and turn the water more cleaned and free from any big metals and much more.

It is easy to operate it consists of the following:

  • The body of the filter housing could be a clear housing or white or dark blue.
  • The body of the filter housing as seen in the picture made of heavy duty materials.
  • The filter housing has a small push bottom to control the pressure of the water intake.
  • The filter housing uses a pretreatment filter sediment which can be reused by washing it or can use a sediment filter that is disposable one time only after is filled with scale , sand and other things.
  • A filter housing with sediment in to clean the feed water from dust what is the effect of a water softener, distillers, medical units and any type of systems that needs pre-treatment.
  • It can hold the normal pressures psi.
  • We use a wrench circular type to hold the filter housing and then close after installing inside the pre-treatment filter clockwise or unit close wise when we need to open.
  • We can use double filter housing as needed and, this depends on the pre-treatment that is required.
  • The first pretreatment usually is a sediment filter.
  • The second pretreatment usually is a carbon filter.

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Ultima Classic Purifier + Dispenser

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