Our Customers


We consider the trust that we have earned to be our most important accomplishment. We never forget that thousands of mothers and fathers trust us to protect their family from potentially dangerous contaminants in their drinking water. Athletes trust us to provide the best water for maximum performance. Dentists, laboratories and multinational corporations around the world trust us to provide high purity water that protects their expensive equipment and employees. Governments, rst, responders and high-security facilities rely on us to provide the highest level of biosecurity protection for their staff’s drinking water, include families, athletes, diabetics, cancer patients, doctors, dentists, schools, preschools, scientists, multinational corporations, government agencies and many more.

Over 100 US Embassies use our water distillers to produce fresh distilled water as protection for their staff against harsh water conditions and potential terror threats to their water supplies.


Our Customers Feedback

I own an Ultima classic since 2016, and up until to date I still drink and make coffee and tea and cook with the water that the unit produces as date one since I bought it. I had the Ultima as a trail for one week with no obligation to purchase, after a week I found out my husband my children and me so attached to the water we drink, as it was so convenient and no more lifting gallons and no more waiting for delivery man. The water is so soft and I feel the free of sodium , based on that I advise everybody buy this system specially on the rental basis  where it is fully warranted and after sales service is excellent.

Nanees Wehbe – housewife.


I am an Arabic teacher and all the time I used to have problems with small kidney stones, and when my friend told me about the help of the drinking water Mini claasic system, I bought it and since 10 years I own it when I bought it from the USA, I am really relaxed as I have no more pain and get rid of the stones from my kidney as so, I advise as a cure to all buy such unit for relaxing and health care.

Rabeea Abdelmanan – school Arabic teacher – 8/2009


I live in Riyadh , I bought this mini classic on a condition that if I moved to another city I can take it with me, when I transferred my work to Jeddah, and transferred the unit the company was really helpful I thank them.

Mohammad Altwaigery – bussiness man – 12/2017


One of my friends advises me to buy a mini classic unit, and after hesitation I bought one. Started to sue and felt relaxed and absolute happiness and the good taste of the coffee I make with and so drinking as well. After that I advised my brother from Riyadh to buy one and agreed, world Freshness water Company has served me after sales service when I asked them to change the carbon filter to a new one for having a good taste.

General Suleiman Alsuhaibani- director specialty clinics- KFAFH.


I bought an Ultima classic unit for my mother whom needed clean drinking water like rain water, it was very helpful as no more carrying gallons and after I use it and since I feel relaxed and healthy and happy, I advise all to own such a unique units.

Abdel Rahaman Aloufee – Notary Public – Jeddah – 2017


I bought an Ultima Classic distiller from World Freshness Water Co., on a rental contract basis for 3 years for 300 Saudi riyals per month with full warranty. After I tried the drinking water I found out me and my children a great difference in the taste and the price I used to pay for the delivery man of the 20 liters bottles monthly.

 SaadEldeen Banjar – Retired Employee – 2018