Who We Are


Company Overview:

  • Partnership with pure & Secure USA.
  • Water systems for the household and business.
  • Water systems for the commercial section.
  • Water store water Matrix for the country.
  • Water bottling for utmost healthy drinking water.
  • We are greatly concerned with the water that we provide which is why the purity of our water is up to 99.9% pure.
  • Our value is to serve the population of Saudi Arabia and the Arab countries with great drinking water that reaches the utmost levels of purity.
  • We work with only American products and technology.
  • We sell service and not products.


Message From The President of World Freshness Water Co. Ltd:

We as world freshness company send a message to the Saudis that we care for the water they drink, and for that purpose we have done our homework and made a partnership with a top American company that will provide us with unique systems and unique services.

  • Selling the best offers with different purchasing criterias.
  • Installing with proficiency.
  • Maintaining after sales service with care.
  • Always at a reach of a call from our customers.
  • Being at their gate when they need us.
  • Servicing a 24/7 on call representations.
  • Always making development for new products and existing products.
  • Availability of spare parts.


Message From Our Manufacturer Pure& Secure LLC .U.S.A:

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of pure& secure LLC. We play an Important role to changing the lives of people by providing top quality water which is 99.9% pure.
  • We invented  revolutionary distillation machines that are used in more than 114 countries around the world. With our American made technology we will always be for you and work for you and see you with care and value.
  • Al Meder President ( Pure& Secure LLC USA ).



  • To be the top of the line service.
  • To have what the customer wants and needs.
  • To have exceptional after sales service.
  • To have a priority for every customer we serve.
  • To have a partnership based on success with our clients.
  • To have all the expertise at the disposal of our valued clients.
  • Our mangement team and service team are close to the client's premise.
  • The client is always right and this is our aim for customer satisfaction.
  • Trustworthy relationship between us and our clients is our major goal.



  • To establish a partnership with our clients and not only sales relationship.
  • To provide our customer with the utmost service he desires.
  • To have all the ethics in our role of communication with our partner clients.
  • Have a valuable customer trust and loyality.
  • To do all what we can to improve life and health through the water we provide.
  • To believe that we service and not sell and that we always care.



  • The excellence of our technical and sales team that is ready to service our clients.
  • The utmost customer care that is an essential factor to our clients.
  • To hold trusted offers and warranties to our clients.
  • To mange the time frames of the on call 24/7 serving.
  • To enhance a corporate image through corporate servicing.
  • To play an important role with our customers to be partners in marketing our products.
  • Full satisfaction is our major objective to our valued clients.
  • To honor what we say, do and write.
  • To keep the image of our customers as happy faces all times.
  • Offer a unique relationship with our existing and new clients.
  • To value our clients at all times.


A Letter from the President Pure & Secure LLC: 


Pure water. It’s essential for life. Of all the challenges the world faces this
century, perhaps none is more important than safe and secure water for
all. We have a long way to go to reach this lofty goal.

Increasingly, the experts are recommending good nutrition, exercise and
pure water for a healthy lifestyle. At the same time there is a body of
evidence that cancer and other health issues are linked to contaminants
in the drinking water.

Every day we talk with people who are concerned about possible toxins in their water supplies. Most don’t
know whether their water is contaminated or not, but they want to ensure the safety of their water for their
family. Others are aware that their water is contaminated with bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxic metals,
pesticides, solvents or a host of other contaminants and they are coming to us for a solution.

There are a number of water purification technologies available.Most use filters or barriers to filter out contaminants. But of all of the technologies, none is as effective as steam-purification, or more technically , "thermal phase- change purification". Purification is fundamentally different from these other methods and it is widely recognized as the best broad spectrum purification process.

When it comes to pure water, most people think of only the water they drink. While this is a very important use for pure water, there are many other situations where the need for very high purity water is our society is critical.

That is why a Pure Water Distiller is the answer

...for people wanting to provide their family with the ultimate protection from environmental toxins.

...for embassies, first responders and high-security facilities.

...for dental, medical and health-care clinics and facilities.

...for companies wanting to maximize seed germination results.

...for industries looking to prolong the life of their batteries.

...for protection of turbines and other high performance equipment.

...for food and pharmaceutical companies who insist on the best.

For more than 40years, our premium water purifiers have been recognized as the best water purification systems in the world. We are the best; this is our niche and our commitment.



Al Meder



Our Water:




“I use a steam distiller to purify my water, because I believe distilled is the cleanest you can get".



While the vast majority of water treatment companies have focused on low - cost filters or media-based processes, Pure & Secure has maintained a singular focus on producing the highest quality, most effective water purification systems available today. At the core of each system is an expertly designed, handcrafted water distiller, which is then combined with other supplemental treatment processes to create the best water treatment system in the world.


Our Manufacturer Brands:




In 1968, we introduced the Pure Water Brand to the world. Over the subsequent 40+ years we earned the trust of our customers across the globe because of our absolute commitment to designing and manufacturing the best water purification systems, while providing excellent worldwide support to our customers. The proof? Over the past 20 years, we’ve generated virtually all of our new business through word-of-mouth recommendations from happy customers. Lately we’ve introduced new niche market brands such as Dental Purity™ and Turbo Pure Water™, but Pure Water™ remains our flagship brand.


Our Customers:




We consider the trust that we have earned to be our most important accomplishment. We never forget that thousands of mothers and fathers trust us to protect their family from potentially dangerous contaminants in their drinking water. Athletes trust us to provide the best water for maximum performance. Dentists, laboratories and multinational corporations around the world trust us to provide high purity water that protects their expensive equipment and employees. Governments, responders and high-security facilities rely on us to provide the highest level of biosecurity protection for their staff’s drinking water.


Our Vitality:




The human race is poisoning itself, and it’s happening shockingly fast. A little over 100 years ago there were only 1.7 billion people on our precious planet, now there are over 7 billion; cars were a new invention, now there are almost 1 billion; petroleum-based chemicals (fuel, plastics, pesticides, ect.) were virtually non-existent, now they are pervasive everywhere on the planet. We mine, drill, transport, manufacture, bulldoze and build. We have transformed our planet in an amazingly short time, but every action has a consequence. Today our environment is contaminated like never before. Local water supplies only have to meet standards on a little over 100 contaminants…out of 85,000! People are now realizing that it’s time to protect their families with the absolute best protection available; a Pure Water Distiller.


Our Highrises:




The luxurious St. Moritz sits on a bluff in Edgewater, New Jersey overlooking the Hudson River and mid-town and lower Manhattan. The view is breathtaking. A Pure Water C-630 Bio-Secure Distillation System sits atop the St. Moritz. From there, fresh, steam-distilled drinking water is distributed through dedicated lines to 250 apartments throughout the complex. Each tenant has pure water at the kitchen sink and at the refrigerator.

The Park House luxury condominium near New York City also has a Pure Water System supplying fresh, great-tasting water on tap to each condominium. In this case, however, the water is not provided for free. If the customer chooses this extra amenity, they are charged monthly based on their usage. The result; great water on tap for the customer, and an additional source of revenue for the complex owner.


Our Security:




In June 2002, an Al-Qaeda cell was captured in Rome just moments before they poisoned the water supply of the US Embassy. This event demonstrates the added risk that government buildings, military contractors, royal palaces and other high security facilities can encounter. These facilities can't afford to trust outside bottled water customers and filter systems don't provide adequate protection. This is why over 100 US Embassies trust us to protect their staff from harsh water conditions and potential terror attacks on their supply. High-security facilities use our premium water distillers for maximum protection for their staff, while also providing our smaller distillers to their key employees at home. We also provide risk assessment and water education services.


Our Nutrition:




The average person may not even notice if they consume contaminants in their drinking water that cause his or her performance to drop by 5%, but to a high-performance athlete a 5% drop is huge. Athletes are high-performance machines, which mean that anything that interferes with performance must be avoided. The human body is over 70% water. This water is constantly in motion in each cell, surrounding the cells, delivering nutrients, allowing chemical reactions, firing electrical signals and expelling toxins. Both the quantity and quality of the water allowed to enter the body is important. For over 40 years, Pure Water Brand Distillers have been recognized as the best way to protect against harmful contaminants. Successful triathletes and Olympians have used Pure Water Distillers.


Our Protection:




“the contaminants in drinking water are quite varied and can cause a range of diseases in children, including cancer, developmental effects such as learning disorders, and acute diseases such as gastrointestinal illness.”

America’s Children and the Environment Report published in 2000 by the EPA

While avoiding environmental toxins is important for people of all ages, it is especially important for infants and children, because they are more susceptible to harmful contaminants that can be found in drinking water. Pure, distilled water is known by top nutritionists and doctors as the single most effective way to protect yourself against unknown toxins that could be in your water supply.


Our Beverages:




Tea has such a delicate taste that impurities in the water can spoil the true taste of tea. Tea experts are amazed at the wonderful flavor of tea made with freshly produced pure water from our machines. Companies that want to provide the ultimate taste experience and consistency from location to location use our premium water distillers.


Our Stores:




A water store is a pleasant retail location where water is purified on-site and customers either bring their own empty bottles to the store or they buy  empty bottles at the store to fill with water. Customers then fill their own bottles in the store, apply the cap and then pay for the water. A water store is a business model used by some of our dealers to develop a retail business for the Pure Water distillers. While most water stores on the market use cheap filter systems that are often poorly maintained and can result in poor water quality, our systems are carefully designed top of the line systems for business owners that want to earn the long-term trust of their customers.


Our Bottling:




On April 6th, 1994 one of our installers was in a plane enroute to Rwanda to install a bottling plant. Without warning the plane was rerouted to Burundi and then back to Europe. Unbeknownst to him at the time, the plane in front of him was shot down, and with it the Presidents of both Rwanda and Burundi, thus igniting the devastating Rwanda genocide. At the end of the war we received a call from the United Nations; the UN PeaceKeepers needed the pure water, so they asked whether we would go back & install it? The same installer volunteered, and then traveled back in a military transport plane to install the system. He lived on carrots and water for a week, but the pure distilled water probably saved many lives. While this is a dramatic example of the service we provide, all of our customers are very happy with how we back up our premium products with unmatched global support. We have sold and installed bottling plants in many countries including Bermuda, Trinidad, Ecuador, Honduras, Argentina, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, and many more.


Our Solutions:




Our premium purification systems are used to provide pure, sterile water for medical autoclaves, to clean dental equipment, to pretreat water for in-home dialysis systems, to clean electronic boards, for the optical industry, to provide dust - free humidification for print shops, for cooling water in laser cutters and to improve germination of seeds. We work with our customers to come up with the perfect specialized water solution for their needs.


Our Cleaning:




Recently Pure & Secure, LLC. completed a contract to supply every Coast Guard base from Hawaii to Alaska to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with equipment to provide very high purity water for rinsing the turbines of Coast Guard Helicopters. These turbines require high purity rinse water for maximum performance and corrosion protection. Pure & Secure designed a special  product  that met the Coast Guard and the manufacturer’s stringent requirements.

The US made F-22 stealth fighter is the most advanced aircraft of its type in the world. It’s stealth design  makes  it  invisible  to  enemy  e F-22 canopy’s transparency features the   largest piece of monolithic polycarbonate material being formed today. It has no bow and offers the pilot superior optics while ensuring the stealth capabilities. The US Air Force uses Pure Water Distillers to ensure the canopy of the F-22 is free from residues.


Our Opportunity:




For over 40 years, our Pure Water Brand distillers have been distributed world-wide by a passionate network of dealers who strive to educate people on the vital importance of pure water. These dealers rent, sell and service our products to families and businesses in their local area. Since our water distillers are made so well and last a lifetime, they are especially suited to developing a fleet of rental products. Not only are these dealers making a good income, but they are doing something that truly helps their community. As an extension of the dealership business model, some distributors choose to open a water store, which helps them generate leads and develop relationships with their neighbors.